Tribute to Bob Bruce

Towards the end of 2017, Bob Bruce made the decision to resign from his position as Queensland Skeptics Association President, thus bringing to an end an outstanding career of activism in the Skeptics movement.

Bob came on board with the Skeptics in the very early days back in the 1980s.   His commitment to scepticism manifested in various ways for the next thirty years.   For many years he was the voice of the Skeptics in Brisbane, with his weekly guest spot on a local radio station.      Bob was the Convenor of the Queensland Skeptics Association monthly events.   While the venue may have changed from time to time, the formula remained the same – dinner followed by a guest speaker.   Somehow or other Bob was able to keep on finding guest speakers with expertise in a diverse range of subjects.    Bob was also the key person behind the successful national convention in 2001 which was hosted by the Queensland Skeptics.

Everyone in the Skeptics movement – locally and nationally – has a lot to thank Bob for.    We wish him and his family all the best into the future.